Why Polyester?

Polyester is the most popular fabric to make sporting apparel from. It wicks moisture, transporting your sweat to the outside and letting it evaporate. It’s also durable and cheap to make, but there’s one problem: The stink. Polyester attracts some particularly nasty bacteria, causing it to smell horribly after only short periods of wear.

To solve this problem, various companies have developed technologies to get rid of the smell. A prominent example is Polygiene, who use silver salt to prevent the growth of odor-causing bacteria.

Universally loved by outdoor enthusiasts, Merino wool is also known for being odor resistant. We have made a table to compare these fabric options with the standard fabric used for most clothes, cotton.

CottonMerino WoolPolyesterPolyester+PolygienePolyester+37.5
Moisture Wicking
Odor Resistant
Temperature Regulating

Polyester, combined with an odor control technology, provides most to all benefits of Merino wool, but with improved durability and a slightly lower price. We believe it is the best fabric to make clothing from.

Why does it matter?

  • You can go one or more days without having to change clothes
  • You can wash less, helping the environment and your wallet
  • You can live and travel with fewer clothes